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  • Cantine Amato Sicily

    The Company

    The company's origins date back to the 1930’s when Vincenzo Giardina Papa returned to his country of origin after emigrating to America in search of a better future. He decided to invest his earnings from overseas in the construction of a small inn from where he could sell his own wine produce...

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  • Amato Family

    The Family

    Some years later in 1958, his son-in-law Rosario Amato took over the family business and started a small family winery. His passion for wine production and the excellent performance of the business lead him to extend the factory, installing numerous wooden barrels and concrete tanks underground...

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  • our values, our mission

    Our values

    From the outset, the company's main objective was to select the best grapes from different wine-growing areas of Sicily in order to obtain, through careful processing, quality wines whose characteristics were the expression of the original territory...

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    I Valori Famiglia Amato

Our wines selection

We produce quality wines, obtained thanks to a careful selection and manufacture of grapes from the warm land of Sicily.
We preseve with enthusiasm our ancient traditions.

il Mamertino

Known in ancient Rome, Mamertino is one of the oldest wines and considered one of the best in the world. Mamertino is a warm wine, generous and precious. Since 2011 Cantine Amato started again the production of the Mamertino, combining its ancient and noble origin with the most modern method of winemaking...