Throughout time and space, our direction has always been one: each member of our family, in every generation, has moved towards it. 

Since 1927 Wine is the destination

It was 1927 when great-grandfather Vincenzo Giardina Papa, who had emigrated to America at a very young age, decided to return to Sicily, nostalgic for his wonderful land and the food and wine delicacies of the island’s tradition. Once back, these feelings drove him to open a small osteria in Piraino, where wine and food enlivened the evenings.

This was the beginning of the history of Cantine Amato, where, following Vincenzo’s footsteps, in 1958 his son-in-law Rosario Amato (known to everyone as Saro) founded a winery in contrada S. Ignazio in Piraino. This is where the winery, in a larger, modern and technological version, is still based today.

The results obtained, fruit of the passion and dedication with which Rosario devotes himself to his work, led him over the years to expand the cellar by purchasing some wooden barrels and cement tanks.

In the 1980s, it was the turn of his son Salvatore, animated by the same dedication as his father and the same desire to improve the cellar, enriching it with avant-garde oenological equipment.

Today, Salvatore is supported in the management of the winery by his family, mainly by his son Rosario, who continues the winemaking tradition with an open mind, new ideas and energy.


“We are the custodians of the extraordinary natural resources that our land offers us, our mission is to strive to bequeath them to future generations”


Authenticity, territoriality and sustainability are the cornerstones of our reality. 


Long experience and the desire to always do better represent the essence of our quality-driven production. 

The ingredients of our wines are sun, air, water, earth and profound knowledge.

Sustainability in the vineyard

Cultivation carefully follows the principles of organic viticulture.
During harvest time, the harvest begins before dawn to preserve the aromas of the grapes and reduce the consumption of refrigeration of must and grapes.
We recycle everything that nature provides, such as vegetable and animal waste, which allows us to preserve soil fertility while avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers.
We do not use synthetic chemicals, which, in addition to having a negative impact on human health, lead to a sharp reduction in biodiversity. 
To improve soil fertility we use the practice of green manure based on legumes and grasses.
We have been practising organic farming since 2011, and since 2015 we have chosen to certify our wines, for greater transparency towards consumers and winelovers.

Sustainability in the cellar

The structure of the wine cellar was built with the use of insulating material, which allows us to keep the environment cool at all times with considerable savings in cooling energy.

A power factor correction system allows us to eliminate wasted electricity and, at the same time, we produce green energy thanks to a photovoltaic system.

Thanks to this effort, we have reduced consumption by 40 per cent since 2016.

Our bottles are lighter, we have decreased their weight, thus reducing emissions from the glass production process and transport.

Day after day, year after year, we look for new ways to be greener.