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Burger and wine, the best pairings with our sicilian wines

A complete and tasty dish without borders and timeless: from American origins and now fully entered into food habits of many countries, the hamburger is to be enjoyed in all seasons.

From classic to gourmet versions, from beef to chicken, even fish, there are so many variations and burger recipes that each deserves its own wine.

To celebrate World Hamburger Day – May 28 – we have thought of some excellent parings among our wines and 6 burger recipes: classic, cheese burger, bacon burger, chicken burger, fish burger and veg burger.

The only problem is that at the end of the article you will be hungry, and probably the next time you eat a burger, and want to order a drink, you will think twice before asking for a beer.

Classic Burger

Beef burger, lettuce, tomato and maybe onion. Few ingredients but if of quality the result will be delicious.
So what is the right wine to accompany it? Beef has good succulence, slight fatness and sometimes, depending on how it is cooked, it can have a bitter tendency. The Classic Burger should not be paired with high-intensity wines that can dominate the flavor, especially if, as in this case, the ingredients are few.
Traditionally this burger is paired with Coca-Cola with a bittersweet tendency, so we recommend you Don Ros Rosè from Nero d’Avola grapes.
With its notes of crunchy red fruit and candy, its soft and fresh sip it will be a great companion.

Cheese burger + mushrooms

To the excellent base of the classic burger by adding melted cheese, and maybe even fresh mushrooms, perfection is achieved.
Here is a creamy burger with more complex flavors that we like to pair with our Nerello Mascalese from the Sicilian Vibes collection.
Characterized by delicious aromas of red currant, cherry and violets, smooth sip supported by medium and very gentle tannins. Freshness and tannins will cut trought the fattiness of the dish.
N.B. the softness of the tannin will not clash with the umami flavor of grilled mushrooms, quite the opposite!

Bacon Cheese burger

One of the burgers that needs no introduction and is among the most loved (for true gourmands!).
An explosion of flavors to be tamed with our Syrah from the Gaudis line.
A red with intense aromas of ripe black fruit and spices. The velvety, full-bodied and persistent sip will complement the flavors of the burger without overpowering them. The medium acidity will cleanse the palate of the fatness of the cheese and prepare it for the new bite.

Chicken burger

More delicate but tasty, the crispy chicken burger has nothing to envy to its round colleagues. It needs a wine that is neither too complex nor too structured; the choice is therefore wide. If in the recipe there are herbal sauces and salads, it will go well with the Catarratto of Sicilian Vibes, with its scents of peach and aromatic herbs, with medium body and balanced and refreshing sip.
When the chicken is fried an excellent choice is the Cuvée Federico. Creamy and refreshing Classic Methos sparkling wine from Chardonnay and Catarratto, which will act magnificently on your palate.

Fish burger

Today the creativity of chefs has no limits, fish burgers are prepared with a base of salmon, swordfish, shrimp, octopus, to name the main ones. What a delight!
Often in the recipe there are aromatic herbs, sauces and spices, so the answer can never be one.
In general, with shrimp or octopus burgers, we really like to pair the Sicilian Vibes’ Grillo, which goes perfectly thanks to its freshness and flavor and the bouquet of Mediterranean scrub and citrus fruits.
If the fish is fried, go with your eyes closed (no doubts) to the Cuvée Federico.
If, on the other hand, the burger is swordfish or salmon and is rich in ingredients, we suggest you enjoy it with Don Ros rosè.
If you should opt for the latest trend, namely tartare-based burgers, try Sicilian Vibes’s Insolia!

Veg Burger

Here a world opens up: quinoa, legumes, potatoes, aubergines, seitan, tofu, soy, there are many possible versions of vegetarian burgers. A passepartout could be our Grillo.
But with more elaborate preparations we suggest choosing our Nerello Mascalese.

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