First harvest (of Nocera variety) is never forgotten!

Harvest means life. A cycle that is repeated every year and marks the end of the grapevine and the beginning of what will be wine. For our family, this year was a very special harvest, which we’ll never forget.

In Sicily the harvest has a strong and well-rooted meaning: it represents love, passion, tradition, collaboration and family.
Our island, after all, boasts the longest harvest in Italy: in other words, we are real marathon runners!
In Sicily, in fact, this period lasts from August to the first weeks of November, did you know?

It depends on the different pedo-climatic conditions of the various areas of the island: if the vineyards are located near the sea – as it happens for the western provinces of Trapani and Palermo and for the smaller islands – the harvest will begin already in August; otherwise happens for the high-altitude vineyards typical of Etna, where temperatures are lower and slow down the ripening of the grapes.

We harvested in Valle dello Jato, Marsala and also in Grotte in the province of Agrigento.
But, the harvest we want to tell you about took place in Patti – province of Messina – in our family vineyards where, four years ago, we closed the chain, planting a small hectare of Nocera.

This year for us the harvest had, therefore, an even better taste.
A few days ago, in fact, took place our first productive harvest of Nocera, an ancient and native variety of Messina.
It has worn for us the scent of novelty and discovery and transmitted us the same excitement and emotions of a first summer love, that kind of love to live fully and you can’t wait to know how it will end.
With this spirit we shared, together with our collaborators, the harvest of the Nocera.

Attilio, Pippo, Antonino and Giovanni (also named Giovannineddu) are an integral part of our winery. Together we shared the emotion of the first planting and pruning, the joy of the harvest, moments of conviviality linked to the harvest and finally, the curiosity mixed with trepidation of waiting for what these bunches will give us back.

Nature has run its course and now it’s up to our enologist Rosario to give shape to our first wine from Nocera grapes.

Stay tuned, really. We still have the best to tell you.