Four italian dishes to pair with Nerello Mascalese

Today we discover Nerello Mascalese, the black grape variety king of Etna, now widespread throughout Sicily, with a typical ruby ​​color with garnet reflections.

Characterized by a fragrant bouquet of violets, red fruit and aromatic herbs that explodes on the palate in a fresh and energetic sip, sometimes spicy.

Its history is entirely Sicilian, it was born in the city of Mascali, not far from Catania, from which it takes its name, and leaves the coastal area to expand to the slopes of Etna, where it found, in Roman times, the most volcanic soils. suitable for its production.

Although this vine has full expression on the Sicilian volcano, it finds favorable pedo-climatic conditions also in other areas of the island.

We want to tell you where we grow it, its characteristics and offer you the ideal pairings with dishes that enhance its taste.

Our Nerello Mascalese vineyards are organically grown on the rolling hills of the Jato Valley, where the different altitudes give a particular microclimate due above all to the shape of the valley, with cooler temperatures, excellent ventilation and diurnal range.

After the harvest at the beginning of October, fermentation begins in contact with the skins for 8-10 days, which is followed spontaneously by malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, where it matures for 6 months. Age in the bottle for 3 months before being ready to be enjoyed. A long process, but one that gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Our Nerello Mascalese is an elegant and impulsive wine, graceful and tasty, reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub. Hints of wild berries combined with herbaceous and spicy notes, precede a lean and fresh sip, with gentle tannins, with good persistence and drinkability.

Ideal served at 18°-20 ° C.

Do you want to taste it with dishes that enhance its flavor? Here are 4 super pairings!

We propose a first pairing with the timeless tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms. A great classic of Italian cuisine that enhances our Nerello Mascalese. The wine compliment the delicate taste of mushrooms without ever overpowering it. Its herbaceous notes reminiscent of the ground create a perfect combination with this dish.

A second pairing, a little more daring, we recommend with a first course with a more decisive taste: Trofie with shrimp, bacon, cream, zucchini, Parmesan cheese, courgette flowers, basil pesto and pistachio grains.

Its flavors between land and sea go well with the fragrant bouquet of violets and red fruit typical of Nerello Mascalese, which will not dominate the dish but will accompany it. Thanks to its freshness, Nerello Mascalese cut through the creaminess of the dish, making the palate ready for the next bite.

Now let’s see what are the best pairings for main courses. Our Nerello Mascalese is generally a perfect wine with meat dishes, here are two mouth watering ones!

Wellinton’s Filet is a second course consisting of a beef tenderloin wrapped in a puff pastry shell. The main ingredients of the recipe include, in addition to the beef fillet, champignon mushrooms, raw ham and mustard. With such a rich recipe, a perfect combination is created between the succulence of the meat and the tannins of Nerello Mascalese, creating a perfect balance.

Are you already full or do you want to continue?

Here is a regional pairing. If you prefer a traditional Sicilian dish, here is the Nebrodi black pig sausage, seasoned with salt and herbs. The suggestions of licorice, cherries and eucalyptus typical of Nerello Mascalese enhance the strong taste of the meat, and thanks to its medium body a balanced taste experience is done.

Start lighting the stove, contact us to know where find our wines.

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