mamertino story

Mamertino Story

Known in ancient Rome, Mamertino is one of the oldest wines. It was born in 289 B.C., when Mamertines planted in Milazzo and in the surroundings “a fine vine for producing a fine wine.”

Mamertino is a warm wine, generous and precious, considered one of the best in the world, since the Ancient Rome,where its trade was very prosperous, especially among aristocrats and for this reason it became very valued. Its goodness was so special that the emperor Caesar offered it to his commensals, as he tells us in the “De Bello Gallico” during the banquet, to celebrate his third consul.

A very charming history! It has received praises and honors from several historical personalities: Strabo, the famous Roman geographer, considered it as one of the best wines of his period, the French Andrè Tehernia, in his book “Le vin de l’Italie Romaine”, called it “quatrième grand cru classé” and Marziale wrote, about this wine : "Give the Mamertino the name you wish, even the one of the most famous wines”.

All that emphasizes the great opportunities of the terroir in the area of Messina that helps to create the excellence and to obtain wines with particular organoleptic properties. Since 2011 Cantine Amato started again the production of the Mamertino, combining its ancient and noble origin with the most modern method of winemaking.