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Sicilian Vibes, the island in a wine glass

Sicily is a magical place, which has always inspired poets and artists and which makes anyone who visits it fall in love with its wonders.

In our own small way, we have the dream of telling it through the aromas and flavors of our wines. Trying every day to improve its quality while respecting the environment.

Sicily is among the most beautiful islands in the world, which in the course of its millenary history has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures, which continue to relive in every corner of the island in culture, art, traditions.

In addition to the naturalistic and cultural heritage, Sicilian beauty is also expressed through food and wine, a mosaic of aromas, flavors and contaminations.
Thanks to the many microclimates that characterize Sicily, from the plains to the mountains, there are many style of wines in the glass from native and international vines. A Grillo wine, for example, will have a different aromas and style if produced in Marsala or Ragusa.

Hence the idea of ​​the name of the Sicilian Vibes collection, consisting of 4 native vines produced organically in the Jato Valley, in the province of Palermo.

Sicily and the Sicilians are joyful, hospitable, passionate, generous, proud and also very boisterous. This is what we wanted to represent in the labels, a joyful face with citrus fruit cheeks, with a slightly pop character.

Where we produce Sicilian Vibes

The Jato Valley is a territory with a strong agricultural tradition, with gentle hills and wide valleys adorned with vineyards and arable land.
The mediterranean climate is, in fact, ideal for the cultivation of vines, characterized by mild winters and hot summers, with great diurnal range, and important air flow that favors the healthiness of the vineyard.

Here we grow our Sicilian Vibes, namely Grillo, Insolia and Catarratto among the native white grape varieties, and the Nerello Mascalese native black grape variety.
In the Guastella district, near the Jato river, at about 400 meters above sea level, the Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese grow. While twe cultivate other two vines in the Grassuri district, on gentle slopes of about 300 meters above sea level.

How we produce Sicilian Vibes

The three whites are usually harvested in the first half of September. Once in the cellar, the grapes are gently pressed and then fermentation begins at low temperatures to preserve the varietal aromas. A brief ageing period in stainless steel tanks follows and then 3 months in the bottle.

Nerello Mascalese, a late ripening variety, is usually harvested in the first half of October. In this case the fermentation takes place in contact with the skins for about 10 days, followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine continues aging in stainless steel for 6 months, and then concludes the refinement in the bottle for 3 months.

What to expect from new vintages

Grillo Sicilian Vibes 2021
Exuberant like Sicily. It will win you over with its citrus and exotic fruit bouquet. Refreshing and medium-bodied, with a long fruity finish.
-> to pair with fried cuttlefish and prawns

Insolia Sicilian Vibes 2021
As carefree as a holiday in Sicily. Delicate floral profile with hints of white peach and pear. Graceful and balanced sip.
-> to pair with croaker tartare

Catarratto Sicilian Vibes 2021
Islander, with scents of Mediterranean scrub and white melon. Fresh, savory and persistent sip.
-> to pair with linguine with mussels and tenerumi

Nerello Mascalese Sicilian Vibes 2020
Confident like the Sicilians. The wine that gave us the most satisfaction in this first year of production.
Its aromas are well defined, from red currant to raspberry, from violets to bergamot. Smooth and fresh sip, medium body with docile tannins and a finish of good persistence.
-> to pair with veal tuna fillet

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