Since the beginning of our history, we have chosen to select the best grapes from three different territories in Sicily to produce wines that are enjoyable and strongly linked to their area of origin. A few years ago we added a fourth territory, where we grow our grapes on our grandparents’ land, a small-scale project that has opened a new chapter in our history.

Four generous and sincere territories, wines that express their essence.


On the eastern coasts of Sicily lies an area of rare beauty, with intense aromas, crystal-clear seas and beautiful sunsets. We are in the territory of Messina, where, surrounded by sun, air and sea breezes, viticulture has been practised for decades.


Situated along the Tyrrhenian coast, facing the Aeolian Islands, the territory extends from the curvilinear sea coast to the hilly and mountainous areas with soils full of vegetation. 

Right here, in the municipality of Patti in contrada Luogogrande, you can find the land of grandparents Saro and Enza where, following years of study and analysis, our first vineyards were planted. 

A small-scale project, with which we inaugurated the beginning of a new chapter in our history: our baptism as wine growers. A vineyard by the sea, located about 1 km from the coast, planted entirely in Nocera, a relic variety of the Messina area, with the aim of enhancing the local wine-growing and cultural heritage.


The soil is alluvial, with a medium texture and high organic substance content. The climate is influenced by the proximity of the sea. The latter acting as a thermoregulator in summer spontaneously absorbs heat from the nearby land and gradually releases it in winter, so that our vines have a milder microclimate throughout the year.

Our two hectares of Nocera are surrounded by centuries-old olive and citrus trees.


An area with a strong agricultural connotation, characterised by gentle hills and wide valleys covered with vineyards and arable land, crossed by the Jato river.

The course of the river is marked, up to its meeting with the Belìce river, by the presence of five ancient mills, still in operation at the beginning of the 20th century.

The climate is characterised by mild winters and hot summers, temperature ranges between day and night and great ventilation that favours ventilation and healthiness of the vines.

Some of the vineyards grow on clay soils, others on sandy soils; each has about 4000 plants per hectare, for a grape production of no more than 2 kg per plant, favouring excellent results in terms of quality.

Convinced of the extraordinary potential of this corner of Sicily, we have identified two areas distinguished by soil, microclimate and altitude:

Contrada Guastella: overlooking the Jato dam, located at about 400 metres above sea level, it is characterised by soils with a medium texture that tend to be clayey.

Here we grow Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese from which we produce two wines in the Vibrazioni collection. And also Nero d’Avola and Syrah from which we make our more structured reds from the Gaudis collection.

Contrada Grassuri: located on gentle slopes between 200 and 300 metres above sea level, it is characterised by predominantly sandy soils with a good percentage of limestone, which do not require irrigation.

Here we grow the native Grillo and Insolia vines, the protagonists of our mono varietal Vibrazioni collection.


Just a few kilometres from the Valley of the Temples, in central-southern Sicily, we find the territory of Grotte. 

Nicknamed ‘the land of Nero d’Avola‘, this area is considered one of the best suited in Sicily for the cultivation of the famous native vine, thanks to the particular characteristics of the soils and the centuries-old knowledge handed down by the oldest vine growers.

The area is characterised by hills and valleys rich in vineyards, with altitudes between 400 and 600 metres above sea level.

The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and very hot summers, characterised by temperature ranges between day and night.

The vineyards are south-facing and grow some on sandy soils and others on clay soils.

The soil is characterised by a high presence of calcium and limestone, which have a cooling effect on the vines, particularly important on hot summer days.

It is from this land that Don Ros, everyday, easy-drinking wines made from indigenous varieties such as Nero d’Avola, Insolia and Catarratto, are produced.


Located in western Sicily, Marsala – the city of Sicilian wine – needs no introduction.

A generous and precocious territory, particularly suited to the production of high alcoholic content wines, both in oxidative and fortified styles, thanks to the constant exposure to sunlight that allows the grapes to reach significant maturity.

Our “Diliziusi” wines, from sicilian dialect means delicious, are born from this territory, obtained from indigenous aromatic varieties with an intense bouquet and a delicate, sweet flavour.